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Hello, I'm Charlie Lowry-Corry, Alresford & Farnham's leading Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage and Movement Practitioner. As a dedicated Pain-Care Specialist, I support clients by helping them to get out of pain, dramatically reduce their tension and help improve their movement, so they can return to daily life feeling restored, revived, and crucially, pain-free.

Explore how I can help you get out of pain and discomfort, and feeling so much better, today!

Charlie Lowry-Corry
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Frustrated with pain, injury, fatigue or tension impacting your daily life?

Our advanced, innovative bodywork, rehab and massage techniques are scientifically-backed. If you're suffering from a chronic or acute musculoskeletal issue - or sports injury - then explore our tried-and-tested, effective treatments to reduce your pain, tension and discomfort, whilst improving your mobility. 

Want to become stronger, improve your mobility & feel better in your body?

Pilates is a fantastic way to improve your posture, help your core & pelvic floor strength, reduce back/neck pain & enhance flexibility in a controlled, safe environment. Explore our range of bespoke Private 1:1 sessions - or Pilates classes - geared towards your specific goals and outcomes, including rehabilitation.


Got a sporting event that you need to prep for, and feel like you want some extra support?

Kinesiology Taping and Strapping are both a fantastic way to help your body either prepare for a sporting event, or for post-exercise/general injuries. It can help speed up the recovery of sprains, strains and bruising, reduce pain and swelling, and fascilitates lympathic drainage.


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