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How I can help you

Come and experience an effective, outcome-based treatment that dissolves your body’s tension, decreases your pain and discomfort AND helps restore functional movement.


As an Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage + Movement Practitioner, Pain-Relief Massage is geared towards helping you return to your everyday activities, with reduced pain and tension, alongside improved energy.

Charlie Lowry-Corry is one of the highest-qualified massage practitioners in the UK. She is able to treat a range of short and long-term chronic musculoskeletal conditions - including sports injuries, sports preparation and sports maintenance.


By using a tried-and-tested formula to assess any potential contraindications, and seeks to find the root cause of your issue, not just purely focus on improving your immediate concern there-and-then, unlike most other massage therapists.

Treatments fuse a range of innovate massage, bodywork and rehabilitation techniques, clients typically see a significant improvement in their muscular/joint pain, discomfort and range of movement in 1-6 regular treatments.

What to expect

Your first visit at one of our modern, friendly wellness centres, starts with a 75min Initial Consultation which include treatment. The session incorporates finding out more about your current health, health history, overall lifestyle, wellness goals and also utilises orthopaedic functional muscle testing prior to the hands-on part. 

Our consultation will help tailor your treatment, which will incorporate a powerful blend of some - or all - of the following techniques:

  • Advanced Deep Tissue & Soft Tissue bodywork.

  • Advanced Myofascial Release Therapy.

  • Trigger Point Therapy.

  • Acupressure.

  • Infrared Therapy.

  • Intra-oral Neuromuscular Therapy.

  • Medical Acupuncture (dry needling).

  • Sports & Muscle Energy Techniques.

  • Physio-based & Sports stretching.

  • Hot Stone Fusion for Pain Relief.

  • Tailored Self-Care/Rehabilitation Exercises.

These effective modalities are all aimed at relieving your immediate symptoms and to effectively address the root cause of your discomfort in just 6 treatments or less.

I can help...

Neck Pain & Stiffness
Shoulder Pain & Stiffness
Upper & Lower Back Pain
Stress-related Tension
Leg, Knee & Foot Pain
Forearm, Hand & Wrist Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Headaches & Migraines
TMD / Jaw Pain / Earaches
Sciatica / SI Joint Pain
Chronic Fatigue / Long Covid
Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis
Whiplash & Frozen Shoulder
Hip & Pelvis Pain
Scar Tissue Work

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Type: New Client - Initial Consultation

First session: 1h 15m

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See benefits after the first session

Life-changing advanced clinical & sports massage

Unique outcome-based techniques

Highly experienced & expertly qualified therapist

A warm, supportive & encouraging environment

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What my happy clients say:

I came to Charlie with stiffness in my neck and pain whenever moving it around. After one session Charlie used a wide range of techniques to relieve the tension in my neck, shoulders and mouth! After my first session I felt relaxed, relieved and have a much wider range of mobility in my neck. I get chronic headaches quite often, and I know this is due to the stress I hope in my neck. Charlie has managed to find so many tension points which I didn't know I had. Charlie is lovely, she will always make you feel comfortable and always accommodates any needs you may have. I am so happy with the results from just one session - my posture is so much better and I can't wait to use the different exercises she has given me to further relieve any tension I have.

Amelia B., Facebook review


Our Covid Precautions

  • For New Clients: as a courtesy, we'll phone you prior to your first session for a quick initial 3-5min chat.

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment - hand gel is readily available.

  • Your temperature will be taken upon arrival & we have a quick Covid questionnaire for you to fill out.

  • All surfaces in the treatment room (including equipment) are thoroughly disinfected with medical-grade wipes/spray prior to each appointment; our treatment rooms are well ventilated too.

  • Your practitioner will be in new PPE for each client.

  • Currently clients' face masks must be worn during your treatment (it's not as uncomfortable as you think!).

  • Private 1:1 Pilates/MELT Method can now continue in person (face masks still need to be worn).

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