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The MELT Method

What is the MELT Method?

If you want to 

This is a unique, highly-effective and ground-breaking system to address our body's problems.

This scientifically-backed method helps to balance our nervous system (modern life means this is usually on overdrive) and healthy connective tissue.

MELT stands for 'myofascial energetic lengthening technique', 

Just 10minutes of MELT 3 times a week is enough to start reaping the benefits of this method.

a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue. These two components work together to keep your body working well and feeling good.


New York City based manual therapist and connective tissue specialist Sue Hitzmann has transformed groundbreaking neuro-fascial science and hands-on therapies into a one-of-a-kind self-treatment method called MELT. Using specialized techniques, a soft body roller, and four different small balls, MELT rehydrates the connective tissue, rebalances the nervous system, and restores space to compressed joints.

Using an array of MELT rollers, half rollers, balls and bands, 

Hundred of thousands of people are seeing - and feeling - the benefits of MELTing. 

What to expect...

Just 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week is enough to start to reap the benefits of this life-changing method.

Our hour long sessions provide the perfect accompaniment to your regular studio Pilates/Yoga/Fitness classes, at-home MELT sessions, outdoor activities or musculoskeletal therapies (Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy & Advanced Clinical massage).

Learn how to 

MELT can help with your...

Back pain

Neck/Shoulder Pain


Mobility & Flexibility

Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

Core strength


Spacial awareness


Pain management

Overall energy

Our MELT sessions


60min one-off session | £53

In-person bespoke MELT Method session​.


60min one-off session| £45

Online bespoke MELT Method session.


60min one-off session | £65

In-person bespoke Reformer session​.


6 1hr session block | £360 (£60 each)

In-person bespoke Reformer package​.



12 1hr session block | £684 (£57 each)

In-person bespoke Reformer package​.


20 1hr session block | £1020 (£50 each)

In-person bespoke Reformer package​.

Our Covid Precautions

  • We're allowed to continue to treat essential cases only right now. Prior to your booked appointment, we'll contact you to discuss your issues, and see whether we can continue our session in person.

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment.

  • Hand-gel is available at both centres. 

  • Your temperature will be taken upon arrival - if you have a temperature (even just a slightly raised one), we'll have to reschedule the appointment.

  • All surfaces in the treatment room (including any equipment) are thoroughly disinfected with medical-grade wipes/spray prior to each appointment; our treatment rooms are well ventilated too.

  • Your practitioner will be in new PPE for each treatment. This includes: mask, visor, apron & non-latex gloves.

  • Your face mask must be worn during your massage treatment (it's not as uncomfortable as you think).

  • Private 1:1 Pilates are either taking place on Zoom, or can continue in-person outside (this would be in a local park, and with adequate social distancing measures in place).

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