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Frequently Asked Q&As


I'm a new client, what should I expect from my first treatment?

The Initial Consultation + mini treatment lasts for 1hr 15mins. We have ample time to pinpoint the root cause of your pain, discomfort or tension, start to help your body unwind, and chat about best plan of action going forward. The first part of the session incorporates a friendly, informal chat to find out more about your ideal outcome, your health history, along with doing a range of motion test so I can create a bespoke treatment for you. This is then followed by the hands-on element (typically lasting around 30-45mins). We then follow the session with tailored aftercare advice.

Does Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage hurt?

You may have had massages in the past where the mantra 'no pain, no gain' is the order of the day. This is NOT my style, nor does it actually help your body to really get the results you want as you tense up! This doesn't mean that we're not going to find tender, sore or painful areas - it's just how we go about treating them that's different. I working closely with you throughout the treatment, so when we find your 'ouchy' areas, we won't go over 7-8/10 on your pain scale. We then reassess these sore spots throughout the session, where we'll typically find the sensation has dramatically reduced - or better still - eradicated.

I feel a bit tight and tense, but I'm not experiencing any pain. Can I still come for treatment?

Absolutely! This is probably THE best time to come for an advanced massage. Prevention is far better - and easier to deal with - than the cure. I can help you to eradicate muscular and myofascial tension, so that any problematic areas we discover during treatment can benefit from being released and unwound, so we can stop any areas from manifesting into ongoing pain. That's why many of my clients progress onto monthly maintenance advanced massages. 

What should I wear for our massage treatments?

Comfortable clothes that are easy for you to take on and off are ideal. Pre-treatment we assess your range of motion, therefore I recommend clothes you can move about freely in (so tight jeans aren't idea). During the treatment itself, you will keep your pants/knickers on, and either remove all other clothing (we keep the room nice and warm!), or if we're focusing on upper body only, you're welcome to keep jogging bottoms/shorts and socks on if you'd prefer?

I see that you predominantly incorporate The Jing Method in your practice, what is it?

Pain is complex, and it's vital for practitioners to have a thorough understanding of it, I've searched high and low for most effective methods to help people get out of it. The Jing Method™ of Advanced Clinical Massage is a unique outcome-based system for addressing chronic musculoskeletal pain through a tried-and-tested fusion of advanced soft tissue and massage techniques.

Effective with most types of chronic musculoskeletal pain including; back pain, sciatica, neck pain, whiplash, migraines, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, knee pain, ligament and tendon issues. Additionally it helps with systemic conditions like fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, rheumatoid & osteoarthritis and plantar fasciitis.
The Jing Method™ is a partnership between client and practitioner, where typically a 6 session treatment plan is designed to increase your mobility, agility, and joint range of motion (ROM), whilst focussing on decreasing your daily pain.

It incorporates the best of advanced bodywork techniques, including trigger point and fascial work, acupressure and stretching. With a truly all-round approach based on biopsychosocial model of pain, alongside modern neuroscience.

I know you have to wear PPE as a practitioner, but do I have to wear any PPE too?

Right now you will be asked to wear a mask during your treatment - it's not as bad as you think. As per my insurance, I adhere to the strictest of health & safety measures, and will be wearing full PPE (mask, visor, apron or scrubs, and fresh non-latex gloves) for each treatment.


Do I have to wear PPE/face mask for our Pilates sessions?

A face mask, yes. As all the rooms or studios where I hold Private sessions are large enough for us to have 2+ metres between us, with plenty of fresh air in the space. If you'd feel more comfortable for either of us to wear them, please just say. At present, I cannot do any hands on adjustments.

What should I expect from my first Private Pilates mat or Reformer session?

We'll start off with an Initial Consultation to discuss your lifestyle, current health and wellbeing goals, alongside postural assessment. This will help tailor the rest of the session - and inform any future sessions.

Please note: I can only provide Reformer Pilates session at The Wellbeing Space in Farnham (25mins from Alresford).

Do you provide Pilates mats and all Pilates equipment?

Yes we do. I can provide a mat too, but if you'd prefer to bring your own, please do. 

Any other equipment I provide during our session i.e. blocks, Pilates circles & balls etc., are thoroughly disinfected with medical-grade wipes before-and-after each use.

What should I wear for my Pilates mat or Reformer session?

Good question! Gym clothing is ideal. We want to be able to move freely without any restrictions (so no jeans). If you have Pilates/Yoga socks (ones with grips on the sole) then please wear these. Ladies, we'd definitely recommend wearing a sports bra.


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Our Covid Precautions

  • For New Clients: as a courtesy, we'll phone you prior to your first session for a quick initial 3-5min chat.

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment - hand gel is readily available.

  • Your temperature will be taken upon arrival & we have a quick Covid questionnaire for you to fill out.

  • All surfaces in the treatment room (including equipment) are thoroughly disinfected with medical-grade wipes/spray prior to each appointment; our treatment rooms are well ventilated too.

  • Your practitioner will be in new PPE for each client.

  • Currently clients' face masks must be worn during your treatment (it's not as uncomfortable as you think!).

  • Private 1:1 Pilates/MELT Method can now continue in person (face masks still need to be worn).