Private Mat & Reformer Pilates

Do you want...

Tailored support from the area's leading MSK Chronic Pain & Movement Specialist?
Bespoke sessions customised to your body and goals?
To workout in a private, fun and supportive environment?
To build confidence before embarking on classes?
To enhance your work with your Osteo, Chiro, Physio or Massage Therapist?
To benefit from a range of Pilates & movement exercises to enhance your results?
Sessions that can easily adapt to how you're feeling on the day?
Support with a chronic or acute pain condition?
To feel stronger and more flexible, and get faster results?
To be led by someone with the gold-standard in Pilates training?

Pilates can help 

Upper & Lower Back Pain
Joint Stiffness & Pain
Overall Mobility & Flexibility
Stress-related Tension
Bone Density & Osteoporosis
Improve Muscle Weakness
Boost Breathing & Long-Covid
Core Strength
Post-injury / Surgery rehab
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Enhance Posture & Balance
Chronic Pain Management
Weight Loss & Body Tone
Balance & Spacial Awareness
Mental & Emotional Wellbeing
Improve Biomechanics / Gait
Enhance Muscle Engagement 
Make movement fun!

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First session: 1h

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About Mat Pilates

Founded by Joseph Pilates, this methodology was created to help people enhance their health through a series of dedicated exercises that improve bad posture, shallow breathing, muscular and joint aches & pains, whilst building a greater mind:body awareness, improving core (stomach & pelvic floor) strength and enhancing people's range of motion.

Mat Pilates sessions can include the use of some pieces of matwork equipment, such as:

• Pilates circles (ring)

• Pilates balls

• Light weights

• Resistance bands

• Specialist foam roller

• Rotational discs 

• Pilates blocks

About Reformer Pilates*

Reformer Pilates elevates Mat Pilates to a whole new - and exciting - level. Using the Reformer regularly, helps promote quicker strength, flexibility & balance, by allowing the user to engage in more dynamic & target exercises. It's a great method if you have a specific goal in mind, such as reducing back pain, improving core strength or rapidly increasing flexibility.


This bed-like specialist piece of equipment, has a flat platform (called a carriage) on top, where the majority of exercises take place. Depending on your specific needs or targets, the carriage will have a variety of weighted springs attached to it, which allows each exercise to have more - or less - resistance to them. The straps attached to the pulleys means that there is even more exercise progression/possibilities.

The Reformer remains an extremely popular, low-impact way to getting results in your body, fast, and is a super tool in improving people's musculoskeletal health. 

*in Farnham clinic only.

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What my happy clients say:

I came to Charlie with stiffness in my neck and pain whenever moving it around. After one session Charlie used a wide range of techniques to relieve the tension in my neck, shoulders and mouth! After my first session I felt relaxed, relieved and have a much wider range of mobility in my neck. I get chronic headaches quite often, and I know this is due to the stress I hope in my neck. Charlie has managed to find so many tension points which I didn't know I had. Charlie is lovely, she will always make you feel comfortable and always accommodates any needs you may have. I am so happy with the results from just one session - my posture is so much better and I can't wait to use the different exercises she has given me to further relieve any tension I have.

Amelia B., Facebook review

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