Advanced  Relaxation Massage

"Charlie's treatment has been transformational on many levels"
Martin F. - 5-star Google review


How I can help you

There's no doubt about it: this last year and a bit has been rollercoaster. Since the first lockdown, we have all spent considerably more hours sat down. Whether you've been working from the kitchen table, busy helping the kids with home schooling, or spending more downtime watching TV. Many of us are feeling the impact of our more recent sedentary lifestyle, coupled with all the emotions and stresses that go with living through a pandemic. 

Advanced Relaxation Massage Treatment effectively unleashes and unwinds tense, tight and achey muscles that have been causing many of us to experience increased headaches, sleeping problems, digestive issues, eye strain and a general sense of fatigue. This treatment also helps your body to undo stress, by allowing you to tap into your parasympathetic nervous 'rest and digest' system.


Our time together allows your body to start to restore itself by tapping into your body's parasympathetic nervous system (a.k.a. your rest and digest system), and provides a dedicated length of time for your mind to unwind too. You'll leave feeling ultra relaxed; your energy levels boosted afterwards. 

What to expect

Your first visit starts with a thorough 75min Initial Consultation, which includes your tailored hands-on treatment and bespoke aftercare advice.


I'll find out more about your current lifestyle, overall health history, current stress levels and future wellness goals, alongside incorporating orthopaedic functional muscle testing prior to the hands-on part. This ensures a truly bespoke massage treatment, and suggestions for any subsequent sessions together.

The hands-on part incorporates a powerful blend of some - or all - of the following highly-effective techniques:

  • Advanced Soft Tissue & Deep Tissue bodywork.

  • Table shiatsu.

  • Advanced Myofascial Release techniques.

  • Acupressure Points.

  • Hot Stone Fusion for Muscle Tension.

  • Trigger Point Therapy.

  • Infrared Therapy.

  • Muscle Energy Techniques.

  • Tailored Self-Care/Rehabilitation Exercises.

Come and experience how Advanced Relaxation Massage can help you unwind and relax today.

Seeing a Chiropractor or Osteopath? Advanced Relaxation Massage works exceptionally well in conjunction with these musculoskeletal therapies. Combined, they typically get you faster, more long-lasting results.


I can help...

Neck Pain & Stiffness
Shoulder Pain & Stiffness
Upper & Lower Back Pain
Muscular Tension & Stiffness
Fatigue / Exhaustion
Stimulate Lymphatic System
Improve Energy Levels
Increase Relaxation 
Headaches & Migraines
Stress, Anxiety & Depression
Sleeping Problems / Insomnia
Brain Fog
Teeth Grinding/TMD issues
Improve Overall Wellbeing
Long Covid / Post Illness
Boost Immune System

Book your first Advanced Relaxation session

Type: New Client - Initial Consultation

First visit: 75mins

Price: £75

- fully redeemable against any bundles bought during first visit.

See benefits after the first session

Life-changing advanced clinical & sports massage

Unique outcome-based techniques

Highly experienced & expertly qualified therapist

A warm, supportive & encouraging environment

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What my happy clients say:

I came to Charlie with stiffness in my neck and pain whenever moving it around. After one session Charlie used a wide range of techniques to relieve the tension in my neck, shoulders and mouth! After my first session I felt relaxed, relieved and have a much wider range of mobility in my neck. I get chronic headaches quite often, and I know this is due to the stress I hope in my neck. Charlie has managed to find so many tension points which I didn't know I had. Charlie is lovely, she will always make you feel comfortable and always accommodates any needs you may have. I am so happy with the results from just one session - my posture is so much better and I can't wait to use the different exercises she has given me to further relieve any tension I have.

Amelia B., Facebook review

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